16 Questions to Ask Your School

  1. Can you share evidence that teaching CRT principles has had a positive impact in other schools?
  2. Can you clearly define the problem you are trying to solve so I can help with the process?
  3. Can you share the data you are using to identify this problem so we know what to fix?
  4. What are the assessments you will be using to know if this problem is being solved?
  5. Do you plan on assessing things like bias and privilege? If so, do you have some specific examples?
  6. When you assess students and teachers, are you going to group them by race and color?
  7. How many groups and labels will there be? What if someone is mixed race?
  8. Who is going to define these groups and labels and how will they be assigned to people?
  9. Are you also grouping by privilege? If so, is a poor while child still labeled as privileged?
  10. Are these standards connected to the teacher evaluation process? If so, how?
  11. Will you offer alternative training for teachers who are opposed to teaching CRT principles?
  12. Many people believe that teaching CRT principles is a form of indoctrination, how will you address this?
  13. If this creates a divisive culture among teachers and students, how will you handle it?
  14. Many parents report that teaching CRT principles creates an environment where white students are treated differently and held to a different standard than their peers. How do you plan to prevent this from happening and address it if it does happen?
  15. Have you considered the legal implications connected to the practices of teaching CRT principles?
  16. Are you willing to hold an open forum with the community to address these questions? If the answer is no, why not?